Healing the Pain of Pet Loss:
Letters in Memoriam

Kymberly Smith


"Healing the Pain of Pet Loss: Letters in Memoriam" contains thirty-eight letters from men, women, and children who have lost their beloved animal companions. These stories are quite intense and laden with profound narratives and emotions. Some letters include accounts of: deathbed vigils; friends and families reactions (some good, some not-so-good); feelings of guilt; suicidal thoughts; religious viewpoints; and how they coped, or are having trouble coping. The circumstances of loss are extensive and varied; some include disappearance, death, forced separation, and natural disaster.

The book also includes a section discussing Western and Eastern spiritual philosophies regarding the soul and/or afterlife of animals. An additional chapter contains a guide to inform readers of other useful resources such as hotlines, organizations, and on-line web sites.

"Healing the Pain of Pet Loss: Letters in Memoriam" is a unique book - a type of "portable support-group" for anyone who may lack supporters, suffer feelings of grieving alone, or who simply seek a bit more understanding. The last lines of the "Preface" sum up the meaning and purpose of this book - ". . .there is something extremely powerful that exists between people who are bonded in traumatic experience. We can help each other. As you make your journey through sorrow toward acceptance and healing, I hope you find empathy and reassurance in the pages of this book."
The author, Kymberly Smith

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