Health Journeys for People With Depression
Belleruth Naparstek (Reader)


There is no one right way to go with Belleruth Naparstek on a journey, no one right way to "visualize." That may sound too basic a directive, but Naparstek encourages listeners to linger over any given image or rearrange her words and phrases into something that works more effectively. Belleruth Naparstek's voice is at once soothing and deep; the pace of her presentation offers ample time in which to follow the instructions and "see" the images suggested in this deeply relaxing, healing inner journey. People suffering from depression can expect to journey to a favorite safe place, where they may engage all the senses--feeling the temperature of the air, smelling the scents, hearing the plash of water--in the service of a healing trance. Naparstek's script gives a spiritual lift to help overcome the debilitating weight associated with depression and despair.


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