Positive Discipline for Single Parents:
Nurturing, Cooperation, Respect and Joy
in Your Single-Parent Family

Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin, Carol Delzer


Single parenting can be overwhelming and highly stressful, and single parents have relatively few written guides at their disposal to help them through the challenges. Positive Discipline for Single Parents is one of the best. Like all of Jane Nelsen's books; Positive Discipline: The First Three Years, Positive Discipline A-Z, and others; Positive Discipline for Single Parents is as much about general positive parenting skills as it is about the smaller subset of discipline. Nelson and her assorted coauthors write books that focus on raising children with nonpunitive discipline, through clear communication techniques and child-positive approaches to problem solving. Nelson's parenting recommendations incorporate understanding misbehavior; encouragement, praise, trust, and respect for children; the use of firm, wise limits; and allowing and providing for natural and logical consequences for misbehavior. In Positive Discipline for Single Parents, Nelson and her collaborators deal with these issues and more, including ways to face the challenges presented by the children's other parent, and how to help your child accept your dating and sex life. They provide solutions, solace, and respite for parents trying to raise kids on their own without losing their minds.

Parents everywhere have come to trust the sound principles underlying Jane Nelsen's bestselling Positive Discipline series. In this completely revised edition of Positive Discipline for Single Parents, Jane and her colleagues turn their attention to the special challenges and unique rewards of raising a child alone. This timely book shows you how to make clear, focused discipline decisions while maintaining positive levels of interaction with your children. This book uses everyday examples to help you gain confidence and learn problem-solving skills. With Positive Discipline for Single Parents, every member of the family will learn to take an active part in the growing-up and growing-together process

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