Practicing Presence: The Spirituality of Caring in Everyday Life
Kerry S. Walters


Genuine, life-giving spirituality calls us to be our best selves and to bring out the best in others, each and every day. It calls us to care - for God, others, and ourselves. In Practicing Presence, popular spiritual writer Kerry Walters shows us how to integrate care into our daily lives on the road to happiness and holiness. As Walters reveals, we do not need to be professional caregivers to nurture a creative, intimate, and meaningful openness to our deepest selves, to others, and to God. We simply need to be "present" to who God is and who we are as images of God.

In clear writing that mines the rich Christian tradition and draws from literature and poetry, Practicing Presence shows us how to integrate care into our daily lives, grow in self-awareness and compassionate care for others, and form a deep union with God. Care is much more than a way of treating others; it is the key to a fully integrated spiritual life. Practicing Presence is an original and inspiring call to care and to be fully alive.


What does it mean to be a saint, especially with the rampant canonization race under the current pope? We are all saints. We belong to God, chosen, blessed, loved ... and equipped to live in that sainthood, that relationship, as we serve God in and for others.

This book will be a most useful guide in discovering our own relationship with God, a relationship designed to be lived and given away.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, The World Pastoral Care Center

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