A Book about Dying: Preparing for Eternal Life
Robert H. Kirven


A Book about Dying: Preparing for Eternal Life details the Swedenborgian view of the afterlife: a conscious, bodily, eternal existence that includes continuation of personal identity, reunion with loved ones, dwelling in community with spiritual peers, and ongoing growth toward perfection. All are born to become angels, and heaven is denied to none who seek it. A Book about Dying encompasses the spiritual wisdom of the ages, from Augustine to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, helping to broaden the readers spiritual vision of life after death. To the dying and their caregivers, and to survivors of loved ones, author Robert Kirven gives gentle assurance of life after death. As Kirven writes, "this book is not about death. It is about life after dying, about how to live before dying so as to prepare for achieving the final goal, and about the transition that we call dying."


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