Prescription Drug Abuse, The Hidden Epidemic:
A Guide to Coping and Understanding

Rod Colvin


Colvin, whose brother died from prescription drug abuse, brings what he calls the hidden epidemic of such abuse into the light. In the course of writing his book, he talked with persons from many different occupations and activities, and excerpts from his interviews occupy a considerable portion of the text. Abusers discuss their methods and sources and disclose that many of them felt that because they had prescriptions, they were not really drug abusers. Medical, pharmaceutical, and legal personnel comment on the scope, sources, procedures, and possible solutions of the prescription drug problem. Although the presentation of that problem sometimes beautifully exemplifies how a few bad apples can give misleading pictures of their particular barrels, it also shows that a problem definitely exists. Solutions must be found; Colvin discusses some now in use, such as drug diversion control systems, and at the end of the book lists sources of additional information and help.

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