Patient Beware-Doctor Take Care!
Edward Zebrowski


Woodstock Books
Are medical calamities inevitable when a patient places himself in the hands of certain physicians? Do distinguishing characteristics exist in some doctors that actually guarantee disaster? Can these traits be recognized early enough in a medical encounter so that catastrophe is avoided? In this compelling book by a family physician who spent 40 years on the front lines of medicine, answers to these and other intriguing problems are revealed in a startling way as the reader actually becomes involved in each human drama. The result is spellbinding. After each chapter, Dr. Zebrowski discusses the basic essentials the reader needs to survive in the frightening world of modern medical technology. The lessons learned may save your life!

Dr. Paul Lena, Adj. Prof. of Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School, Recipient of the 1994 Laureate Award of the American College of Physicians:
Anyone who hasn't had the chance to read Dr. Zebrowski's second book, Patient Beware -- Doctor Take Care! should do so immediately. It is a fascinating book, flawlessly written, and one that you'll find difficult to put down. It consists of 32 immensely absorbing chapters in which the reader becomes involved with the patients as they relentlessly head towards their own private medical disasters. These incidents are not presented as cold case histories, but in story form which are emotionally shattering. From Col. Teague, the owner of the Mt. Washington Railway, grappling with his failing brain, to Gov. John Trumbull, former governor of Connecticut, who was sent home to die with intractable congestive heart failure, but instead was able to make a remarkable recovery, only to be defeated finally by holding stubbornly to a wrong decision, these are patient encounters that you'll never forget. The book ends with a magnificent depiction of a brilliant schizophrenic physician that is not only fascinating reading, but one that will give the reader an unusual insight into this type of problem. Each chapter is followed by a section entitled "Lessons to be Learned" in which Dr. Zebrowski, in very simple language, discusses the problems the patients encountered and how disaster could have been avoided.


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