Remember Lee: The End Is the Beginning:
A Touching Story About the Unexpected
Loss of a Child

Linda Musser


The tragic and untimely accidental death of a teen is a loss so traumatic for all who grieve, but especially for the parents. The rage. The injustice of dealing with systems. The impact on the parental relationship. Lives literally torn asunder in the blinking of an eye, never to be the same again ... or at least for a very long time. The author captured the heart and soul of this journey through her journaling, a book first published in 1991as "God as a Birdwatcher." This edition polishes up the original version, adds new experiences and interpretations, and is helped along with a handsome appearance that brings comfort to the reader and offers a helpful gift to those on this special journey.
The Rev. Fr. Richard B. Gilbert, Executive Director, The World Pastoral Care Center


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