Remembering Honey
Elaine Ingalls Hogg


Remembering Honey is an award winning story of growing up, and growing older. The companionship and love of a pet,Honey, makes the young people in this story happy and content. Honey is a wonderful addition to the family and like all living things, grows and matures along with her human companions.

Honey is cherished. Eventually, however, Honey's human companions must face the fact that Honey will die. How the young people deal with the tragedy of loss, is very movingly portrayed in this first children's book, by Elaine Hogg.

Loss and bereavement are part of our lives,young and old, and the loss of a beloved pet is painful and emotional for children and adults. This story helps children come to terms with a common and painful experience and encourages them to think about what they can keep and cherish of their relationship when they lose a favourite animal friend.

Remembering Honey is a perfect vehicle for parents, caregivers, hospital staff and veterinarians, to help children through the process of understanding loss and grief. Elaine Ingalls Hogg has spent over a decade working with the Strait Richmond Palliative Care Society. Challenged to produce a story that would help young children express their grief after the death of a loved one, Ms. Hogg chose Honey to help with that process.

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