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The Resilient Family: Living With Your Child's Illness or Disability
Paul W. Power, Arthur E. Dell, Ph.D Orto

Disability and pediatric illness rip families apart, disrupt and further threaten marriages, spill over into classrooms, congregations and neighborhoods, and, sadly, often are undetected in terms of their deeper meaning and pain. Written factually and devotionally, we have a book that will comfort and motivate families and provide a generous resource to providers. These goals are established as the guidance provided in this book.

  • Recognize the current needs of the family and its individual members:

  • understand and support the siblings of the ill or disabled child

  • Acknowledge the burden that has been placed upon the family

Know what to expect:

  • Manage stress and develop coping and self-assessment skills

  • Establish reasonable expectations from the health care team

  • Develop effective relationships with health care professionals

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