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Retelling Violent Death
by Edward K., Md. Rynearson

When someone dies violently (through homicide, suicide or accident) there are unique circumstances surrounding the mourning of that death that do not occur when the death is prolonged or due to illness. Often the violent death is retold through personal narrative. While retelling the events of the death can be therapeutic, without guidance the recounting can entrench the person in his/her grief. Retelling Violent Death provides the guidance necessary for making the retelling of the violent death restorative and therapeutic.

This book provides insight and instruction for bereaved readers and those who work with them. The emphasis of the retelling is placed on helping the person reframe the story they tell, to make them a participant in the story and allow them to reconnect with the living memories of the deceased. In this way, the mourner can remember the way the person lived, and not just the violent way they died.


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