Rethinking Alzheimer's Care
Sam Fazio, Dorothy Semen, Jane Stansell


Rethinking Alzheimer's Care encourages a complete reframing of the Alzheimer's experience. With a thoughtful exploration of how to find opportunities in the disease, instead of despair, the authors, all experts in the Alzheimer's field, inspire care providers to look beyond loss and decline to discover new contexts for growth and development.

Whether it is promoting reshaping the environment, revisiting the concept of care, or redis-covering the soul, Rethinking Alzheimer's Care revolutionizes attitudes toward the disease and its management. Thought-provoking exercises throughout the text help adminstrators and staff explore and implement new ways of caring that stress the importance of preserving the dignity, autonomy, and emotional health of people living with Alzheimer's disease.

Appropriate for any setting, including long-term care, adult day services or assisted living, this fresh and humanistic approach to Alzheimer's care helps pave the way for profound changes in the way we care.


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