Reversing Multiple Sclerosis:
9 Effective Steps to Recover Your Health

Celeste Pepe, Lisa Hammond


Celeste Pepe was strong, fit, and energetic until multiple sclerosis attacked. The verdict: incurable. The option: masking symptoms with synthetic drugs that did nothing to reverse the disease and often produced debilitating side effects. Instead, Pepe sought alternative therapies that have resulted, with hard work and commitment, in an ongoing reversal of her MS symptoms.

  • A revealing look into the physical and emotional world of a multiple sclerosis patient
  • A doctor defies her own fears in a courageous personal journey from incurable illness to healing
  • An easy-to-read instruction manual for reclaiming health, complete with an extensive resource section
  • Find out how combining alternative treatments such as biocybernetic testing, mercury removal, chelation, and apitherapy with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise may reverse the debilitating symptoms of a little-understood disease
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