A Rose in Heaven
Dawn Siegrist Waltman


The child inside a mother's womb is much like a tiny rosebud. Perfect in design it needs only time and love in order to "bloom." For many women, however, the dream of seeing and raising that beautiful rose is shattered when the child dies in their womb or shortly after birth.

Based on the author's journal entries ofter losing three children, A Rose in Heaven is a journey of hope and healing for women who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. Fifty-two timely meditations help carry a woman through the first and most difficult year following the loss of her child. Coupled with scripture verses, intercessory prayers and Reflections from five contributing mothers, this unique resource provides a grieving woman with understanding and empathy, an ongoing sense of companionship and friendship, encouragement to face holidays and difficult occasions, reassurance of God's lovingkindness, and the glorious hope of seeing her baby healthy, happy and in full bloom. A true rose in heaven!

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