Will I See Fido in Heaven?: Scripturally Revealing
God's Eternal Plan for His Lesser Creatures

Mary Buddemeyer-Porter


Will I See Fido in Heaven? is a 106-page concise, Christian book that reveals the eternal life of all animals and God's love for all Creation. It is based upon more than 150 Biblical Scriptures and shows the difference between the innocence of animals and sinful nature of man. "Will I see Fido in Heaven?" is a book that will comfort and enlighten every animal lover. It is full of wonderful true-life animal stories that reveal the wisdom, feelings, and reasoning abilities of many of God's lesser creatures. It is a book that spurs people to share their joy when they realize their deceased four-legged friends will pass on to heaven. It has become a favorite gift for many Christians to give to their pet-loving friends.


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