Show Me the Way to Go Home
Larry Rose


Larry Rose was a vital, gifted engineer in his forties when Alzheimer's struck. In this first-person account, Rose shares his heartbreaking and sometimes heartwarming skirmishes with a disease he has been battling since its diagnosis in 1992. His resilience, courage, and optimism are phenomenal as he copes with the anger, fear, and loneliness of an illness that is stealing his mind. With his friend and caregiver Stella providing support, Rose remains an independent man who drives alone to his cabin in the Ozark Mountains and volunteers to take experimental drugs. This remarkable work shows the disease's effects not only on its victim but on those who encounter him--from devoted cafecronies to a supposed friend who cheats Rose out of a large sum of money. This is an inspiring account of a man of acceptance, wisdom, and faith who is fighting the good fight with the hallmark grace and humor of the truly brave.
Patricia Hassler


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