The SIDS Survival Guide: Information and Comfort
For Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals
Who Seek to Help Them

Joani Nelson Horchler, Robin Rice Morris


Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is "the most common cause of death for babies between the ages of one month to one year," yet few parents know much about it until their families are affected. Although this book is primarily a resource for grief-stricken families recovering from the loss of their children, it's also a primer for all prospective parents, especially the chapter titled "What Everyone Should Know about SIDS." The information is interlaced with heartrending personal experiences and poetry supplied by family members who responded to Horchler's call for contributions through parent support groups. Resources are cited, including two addresses to help remove one's name from new-parent mailing lists and avoid the deluge of junk mail proffering special offers--a painful reminder of loss.

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