Six Months to Live:
Learning From a Young Man With Cancer

Daniel William Hallock


Though "cancer stories" are common enough, this stirring account of a young man's struggle against the ravages of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a departure from the norm. Avoiding cliches it instead explores the harsh reality of having to face one's own mortality and with it, the twin demons of uncertainty and fear. Twenty-two-year-old Matt, and his wife, parents, and doctor grappled with the anguish of his impending death, but they never really came to terms with it. Rather, they met it head on and let it transform them.

"The book, Six Months To Live: Learning from a Young Man With Cancer. It is about a friend of mine, Matt Gauger, who died of Cancer last June. Matt's battle with cancer and his attitude toward death profoundly impacted everyone who shared those last months with him, and gave us an unforgettable lesson in living. Yet this experience also made us painfully aware that, because no one wants to talk about death, most Americans never get a chance to die like that-contented and surrounded by family and friends. Six Months to Live breaks this unfortunate taboo in hopes that fewer people will have to face the agony of dying unprepared or alone.

We published this book with the hope that it will help people to think more about the topic of dying and encourage those facing death that it is also a positive thing. I think visitors to Griefnet would find this book a help."

Sarah Hine

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