Slices Of Sunlight, A Cookbook of Memories:
Remembrances of The Children We Held

Alice J. Wisler


Slices of Sunlight is more than a cookbook filled with delicious recipes. It is a tribute to the precious children who lived and loved here on earth. Although these children are no longer able to be held by us, their vivid memories told by their loved ones, as well as the continuous love held for them, live throughout the pages of this book. Meet these children, Tiffany, Gregory, Billy and many more. Learn to create the dishes they called their favorites---Bubble Loaf, Hokey Pokey Biscuits, Goblin Pie, Piroshki and Chruschikie. Let the memories bring slices of sunlight.

The Importance of Letting Sunlight Filter Into Your Heart:
As parents we don't really realize the great love we hold for our children until we can no longer hold them. When a child dies and physically vanishes from our daily lives, every fiber of our being is in agony. If that isn't traumatic enough, we then must learn to cope in a society that often does not want to hear about our pain, loss and yearning. When we find that sharing memories brings hope, many wonder why we continue to talk about a child no longer on earth. But the truth is, our children live on, in our hearts, in our memories, in heaven. Speaking their names and recalling their smiles, their lives, does comfort. In "Slices Of Sunlight", I wanted to focus on favorite recipes and food-related memories parents and loved ones have of children who once graced their tables. My Daniel enjoyed 'Boy Cheese Sandwiches' since he thought the original name for these toasted delights, grilled, sounded like 'girl cheese'. "Boys don't eat those," he let me know at age three. Parents all across the the USA and even some from New Zealand, the UK and Canada sent recipes and tender stories for this cookbook. These children, their foods and tales live on, bringing smiles and sunlight. It has been a comfort for me to put this book together and to learn of the inspiration it produces around the world.

Alice J. Wisler, Author


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