Sober for Good: New Solutions for Drinking Problems --
Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded

Anne M. Fletcher


Most people think there is only one way to overcome a drinking problem: go to Alcoholics Anonymous. But is that the only way? To find the answer, Anne Fletcher turned to the real experts: hundreds of people from all walks of life who resolved serious drinking problems. What she discovered shatters long-held assumptions about alcohol problems and sheds new light on the most controversial issues of treatment today. Sober for Good weaves together the inspiring success stories of people who have taken control of their drinking -- people Fletcher calls the masters -- and the latest scientific research on the subject.

Finally someone has gone straight to the real experts: hundreds of men and women who have resolved a drinking problem. Best-selling author Anne M. Fletcher asked them a simple question: how did you do it? The result: the first completely unbiased guide for problem drinkers, which shatters long-held assumptions about alcohol recovery.

  • Myth #1: AA is the only way to get sober.
  • Reality: More than half of the people Fletcher found recovered without AA.
  • Myth #2: You can't get sober on your own.
  • Reality: Many people got sober by themselves.
  • Myth #3: To get sober, you have to admit you're an alcoholic.
  • Reality: Many people -- even some with very serious drinking problems -- recovered without calling themselves alcoholics.
  • Myth # 4: One drink inevitably leads right back to the bottle.
  • Reality: A small number of people find they can have an occasional drink.
  • Myth #5: There's nothing you can do for someone with a drinking problem until he or she is ready.
  • Reality: Family and friends can make a big difference if they know how to help.
Weaving together the success stories of ordinary people and the latest scientific research on the subject, Fletcher uncovers a simple truth: no single path to sobriety is right for every individual. There are many ways to get sober -- and stay sober.

The most comprehensive book on alcohol recovery available, Sober For Good includes:
  • motivational strategies from former problem drinkers
  • suggestions on what to do if you're not ready to quit
  • advice for family and friends of problem drinkers
  • a complete Consumer Guide to the many recovery options -- how to find what's right for you.
Sober For Good is for anyone who has ever struggled not to drink, coped with someone who has a drinking problem, or secretly wondered, "Do I drink too much?"

An award-winning health and medical journalist, Anne M. Fletcher is the author of the best-selling Thin For Life and Eating Thin For Life. She is the former executive editor of the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter and a former contributing editor to Prevention magazine.

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