A Solitary Sorrow:
Finding Healing & Wholeness After Abortion

Teri Reisser, Paul Reisser, M.D.


More than one million American women have abortions each year. Yet hardly any of them talk about it. Fear, anger, shame, loneliness...the abortion experience raises a multitude of powerful and confusing emotions. Often these feelings arise years--even decades--later. Is it possible to resolve these feelings?

This book addresses these intensely personal struggles and helps women find reconciliation, hope, and healing after abortion. Combining accurate information with actual client stories from my years as a family therapist, this book considers the following topics:

  • 1. The loneliness of the abortion experience.
  • 2. Symptoms of post-abortion distress.
  • 3. The pain of the ongoing memories.
  • 4. Resolving the anger and grief of the abortion experience.
  • 5. Finding peace with self, others, and God.
This book includes a list of resources, as well as questions for individual reflection or group discussion.

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