Soul in Mortal Chrysalis--Art, Poetry, and Prose
For the Theological Millenium

Pegge Patten, Mark Singer, Leon Lombard


Experience totally unique answers to life's deepest mysteries by reading "Soul in Mortal Chrysalis." Never before in one book have spirituality, art, and poetry been so uniquely blended together.

"Soul in Mortal Chrysalis, a spiritual journey of the life cycle, seems in some ways like a unique prayer book as we explore inner thoughts about each step in life. Mark Singer's poems are given an artistic interpretation by Pegge Patton, who visually gives more meaning to the poetry. The insightful thoughts of Leon Lombard gives another dimension of depth to the ideas presented. The three together blend the aspects of spirituality in a whole new way for me. I shall be re-reading this book many times. With each reading comes more understanding."

Louise Shultz, Reviewer

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