Spirit Dogs: Heroes In Heaven
Susan Kelleher, Rod Lawrence (Illustrator)


An illustrated short story about a woman and her dog who are in a car accident. Together, in a near-death experience, they travel through a tunnel of light to canine heaven where the woman is greeted by the dogs she owned throughout her life. One, a collie who saved her life as a child, tells her about the evolution of the canine soul towards that of saving a human life or serving humans in an exceptional way. She learns of the ever-present love that even deceased dogs have for their humans. She returns to Earth, leaving behind her beloved Ivan, who is destined to become a hero.

Excerpted from Spirit Dogs: Heroes In Heaven:

"Their love.... They give so much of it. And then, when they die, it's just gone. Where does it go?" My throat constricted as I choked back sobs. "Where does the love go? How can something so wonderful just vanish?"

His golden aura brightened. His face lifted. He seemed to smile. "It doesn't go anywhere. It remains with you. Always. You can feel it whenever you choose to."


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