The Strang Cookbook For Cancer Prevention:
A Complete Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
to Dramatically Lower Your Cancer Risk

Laura Pensiero, R.D. and Susan Oliveria, Sc.D.


Evidence supporting our ability to reduce the risk of cancer keeps growing. The Strang Cookbook for Cancer Prevention offers compelling information on how to diet, exercise, and control other external factors that affect cancer risk. Authors Laura Pensiero and Susan Olivera then provide clear, specific direction on what you should do to maximize the odds in your favor. Distinguished chefs, such as Charlie Trotter and Norman Van Aken, contributed 150-plus recipes that are both tasty and healthful, while the baking and dessert sections prove that you can have your cake while reducing cancer risk, too. You'll encounter appealing dishes such as No-Fuss Broccoli Souffl�, Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad, Saut�ed Spinach with Garlic, and Green Chili Stew. More elaborate dishes help you celebrate, entertain, and dine magnificently and healthfully, so you won't have to play catch-up after the party ends.


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