Strengthening Family Resilience
(Guilford Family Therapy Series)

Froma Walsh


How do some families successfully weather crisis situations and adversity, while others weaken or even break apart? Focusing on what we can learn from resilient individuals and well-functioning families, this book provides clinicians with a framework for preventive and interventive work with families that are distressed or at risk. Froma Walsh draws on current research and extensive clinical experience to identify the key processes that buffer families in times of stress, including belief systems, family structure, and communication patterns. Readers learn strength- promoting, collaborative strategies for helping families deal with divorce, death, and other losses; multicrisis situations; and persistent challenges such as illness and poverty. Based on the conviction that all families have the potential for repair and growth, this book offers a fresh alternative to clinicians' prevalent focus on family dysfunction. Drawing upon extensive clinical and research experience, Froma Walsh presents an innovative framework for therapeutic and preventive work with couples and families who are distressed, vulnerable, or at risk. Filled with suggestions for strength-promoting, collaborative interventions that can help family relationships rebound from the worst of times, the book provides important clinical insights for professionals and students in a range of mental health and human service settings. This volume is useful guide for family therapists and counselors, psychologists, social workers, and other social service and health care professionals. Its coverage of both theoretical and practical concerns also makes it an invaluable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses.


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