The Suicide of My Son:
The Story of Childhood Depression

Trudy Carlson

Book Description
After the suicide death of her teenage son Ben, author and lecturer Trudy Carlson sheds light into the little-understood symptoms of depressive illness and anxiety disorders in youngsters. Using her son's dual condition as example, she takes a reasonable, no-fault approach to explain the biological nature of these conditions, and maps out a low-cost, effective school based program for recognizing and treating school-aged youth. The correlation between depressive illness and teen suicide is examined. A fresh approach and practical guide for parents and teachers everywhere.

From the Back Cover
The book for everyone who asks, "What causes a young person to take his ownlife?" A must read for anyone interested in the emotional problems plaguingtoday's youth.

An important book for Parents wanting to know if their child or any child they love is at risk of hurting themselves. Suicide happens in good families, to sensitive loving children of devoted parents as well as to families in crisis. Teachers wanting to develop effective programs for the 39% of young people today who experience a mild to severe case of depression. This book describes effectively methods of helping youth to cope with their problems.

Health Care Professionals wanting to identify the symptoms associated with high risk of self-injurious behavior. Current research points to heightened anxiety along with depression as an important indicator of risk. This book suggests a program and addresses treatment of anxiety as well as depression.

Students wanting to understand the symptoms of depression as they appear in theyoung. Although depression is essentially the same illness regardless of age, depression looks differently in children and adolescents than it does in adults.

You have to publish your book. If more people would be familiar with how to treat young bipolar patients with small amounts of lithium, it would reduce the death rate enormously.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross M.D. This book is important for every parent and teacher to read. It is a first-handaccount of a youngster's death by suicide. It's profound message is a first step toward understanding and saving other youngsters.

Barry D. Garfinkel, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C) Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Medical School, Univerisity of Minnesota

Trudy Carlson, M.S. operates small health care facilities. She taught university classes in child, adolescent and developmental psychology; the psychology of the exceptional child, personality and mental hygiene and others. Her fourteen-year-old son committed suicide.

Through the profoundly moving story of one victim's life, the author illustrates the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder in young persons. Any adult interested in the youth of today will find this book enlightening.

Midwest Book Review
What causes a young person to commit suicide? Carlson's story of her son's death surveys symptoms, warning signs, and the effects of a family battling childhood depression. This is more than a personal story of suicide and change: it provides parents struggling with difficult children with guidelines for prevention and recovery.

Robin Blatnik, M.A.E.S., English and Composition Instructor
"An open-hearted, detailed account of one mother's struggle with the death of her son. I was struck by the enormous effort it takes to care for someone with an illness such as Ben's. Trudy writes with precision and clarity. Her willingness to dig deep into her soul will heal others who are looking for comfort and guidance. "

Jo Stewart M.S., English Teacher and Speech Coach
TEACHERS "Trudy Carlson's account of Ben's struggle with depression is a very helpful book. Even before its publication, I have recommended it to the parents and teachers I know who are struggling with similar problems in their families and classrooms. "

Rosanne Biever, mother of four
"In sharing your very personal and painful story with the rest of us, you enlighten the general public regarding the many dimensions of the tragedy of suicide which, unfortunately, is increasing among young people today. "

Monica Natzel, mother of a 15 year old suicide victim
PARENTS "Insightful, educational yet easy to understand. Interesting and comforting. The purpose of this book is to reduce the unnecessary pain of depression for the individual as well as for their family and friends who also feel the effect of this condition -- a most profound goal. "

Dr. Carrie Borchardt, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota
"Well written and thoughtful. An interesting personal account of the symptoms of depression and anxiety that precedes her son's suicide. Carlson has done a very nice job of covering a difficult subject."

Jerome Kwako M.D., Fellow American Academy of pediatrics; Director, ADHD Clinic, Miller Dwan Hospital; Director, Comprehensive Clinic for Children with Handicaps
"The Suicide of My Son" is a beautiful example of parent insight, dedication, and understanding. Trudy's description of her personal experience with tragedy and suffering, gives a unique opportunity for parents and professionals of various fields to further their understanding of depression and suicide. My hearty endorsement and gratitude for this book. "

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