Surviving Aids (1999)
Wgbh Boston Video


Patients & Patience. Unlocking the deadly secrets of AIDS. Bob Massie is alive--against all odds. Since 1978, when he first became infected with HIV, Massie's immune system has kept him completely healthy, without the help of drugs. His survival, a miracle wrapped in a mystery, is sparking a whole new approach to surviving AIDS. What science, medicine and AIDS patients can learn from Massie and others like him offers a much-needed ray of hope. Journey with NOVA to the front lines of research and meet the remarkable people devoted to battling one of the fiercest enemies science has ever faced. While scientific talk of "killer" T-cells, "helper" cells, and "viral loads" coldly reduces AIDS research to its complex, clinical core, it's humans who are making a difference in this deadly battle. Meet the immunologists, physicians, molecular biologists and courageous patients whose cutting-edge experimentation and heroic acts will help achieve the ultimate goal: transforming every AIDS patient into a long-term survivor.


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