This Book Is For All Kids, But Especially My Sister, Libby.
Libby Died.

Jack Simon, Annette Simon (Illustrator)


Elizabeth Margaret Simon was born on a Mother's Day and named for her parents' maternal grandmother. Her brother, Jack, called her Libby. Libby was born with a rare disorder and she wasn't expected to live six months. She lived three and one half years. On October 19th, 1994, Libby died. Jack was five-years-old and he struggled to understand. Jack's mom kept a diary the year after Libby's death. These are Jack's words. They are poignant, hopeful, sad and real, absolutely typical of grieving kids. Yet Jack thought no one else in the world could possibly know how he felt.

Grief invites questions. Questions with no right or wrong answers. Questions with no answers at all. Questions like these. Use this book for discussion or perhaps, just for listening. Strong simple graphics and a universal story make this book appropriate for people of all ages and faiths. It is also easily translated into other languages.

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