I Can Tell Him Anything: Living Prayer
Jean Maalouf


If prayer is to be "lively" or "living", as this book so wisely suggests, it is not because of the words or the techniques, but the relationship, God with us (Emmanuel) and ourselves with God. This book has instruction and resources for spiritual growth and developmental passages through life's spiritual pathways, but it is about relationship. It always must be about relationships. Techniques follow. Discipline of prayer follows. Everything always follows, because God initiates.

The format is simple and consistent. Written as prayers or letters to God, we capture (or listen in on) the dialog of another person with God so that we can begin to appreciate the opportunities for dialog that await us. The book is this collection of writings and prayers under two themes: "I can tell God anything," and reflections on prayer. Excellent for individual study and growth (professionals, too) and for group/retreat study.
Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert


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