There's Still a Person in There: The Complete Guide
to Treating and Coping With Alzheimer's

Michael Castleman, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Matthew Naythons


The first comprehensive guide to the care--and possible prevention--of Alzheimer's disease since The 36-Hour Day.

Written for caregivers and anyone whose life has been touched by Alzheimer's, There's Still a Person in There is a kind, hopeful, and realistic guide to these trying years. It tempers its up-to-the-minute reports on medical advances, natural therapies, and coping strategies with affecting profiles of families living through this disease. These stories of the powerful love to be found along the Alzheimer's road offer a radically different view of what this illness can mean.

The authors Michael Castleman, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, and Matthew Naythons are, respectively, one of America's leading health journalists, a Stanford psychologist considered a foremost expert in Alzheimer's caregiving, and a medical doctor who specializes in health communication.

In 1986, The 36-Hour Day defined Alzheimer's disease as dark hopeless, and never ending. There's Still a Person in There seeks to change that picture--to show the new face of Alzheimer's disease: gentle, often hopeful, and ultimately human.


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