Then Why Does it Still Hurt? A Book About HMO's,
Managed Care, Medical Malpractice and You

Jack Schroder


Book Description
The book describes our current medical care delivery system, its faults and strengths. It is directed to the patient who wonders what happened to him when he went to the hospital. Not only does the book talk about doctors and HMOs and Managed care and how they can and do injure patients by the hundreds of thousands every year, it helps the patient understand what his particular injury is, and what probably caused it. Then it tells this injured patient how to get his fair compensation for this injury. In addition to helping himself, the book outlines steps all of us must take to ensure safe and competent medical care for all. HMOs and Managed care are in the hands of people who are out to make a profit from people's illnesses, and the patient must understand this if he is to get good care. Our medical care delivery system is a costly shambles, and only the citizens of this country can correct that. We are now 37th in the world on the list of countries whose medical care has been evaluated. Our system must be improved.

From the Publisher
The book we've all been waiting for -- it's not just a sensationalist recitation of HMO horror stories, but a guide to surviving them. In 15 concise chapters the author uses layman's terms to examine the medical maze. Then he takes readers by the hand and guides them safely out. Written by an investigator/consultant, whose entire professional life has been spent in the medical field, this book emobodies the age old adage of an "ounce of prevention."

From the Author
I wrote this book after many years observing patients who had been injured by the people who were supposed to care for them when they could not care for themselves. I have observed how our medical care has slipped from great to poor, and I have observed how non medical people have assumed charge of the medical care we need. I found that State and Government agencies are not protecting us as they should, and that all of us who will someday be patients must work to make medical care in this country safe.

About the Author I was a Chief Pharmacist's Mate in the Navy during WWII, and have been observing medical care ever since. For 18 years I was an investigator for the California State Health Department where I saw at first hand how patients are injured daily in hospitals and clinics. Later, because I felt more useful helping patients directly, I formed by own business, Attorneys' Medical Research, and helped lawyers win their cases against hospitals and incompetent doctors. I know patients need help, but much of that help they must provide for themselves. I try to show them how.


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