Two of Us Make a World: The Single Mother's Guide
to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the First Year

Prudence Tippins, Sherill Tippins


Today, single parents head nearly 30 percent of all families in the United States. There are many ways to raise healthy, happy children outside the "traditional" two-parent family structure, but most pregnancy guides don't address the special needs and concerns - medical, social, financial, emotional, and legal - of single moms.

Two of Us Make a World will guide you through the many challenges single mothers face - whether you are unmarried, divorced, or widowed; employed or unemployed; gay or straight; in a relationship with your baby's father or without ties. With clarity and compassion, it tackles such important issues as enlisting family support for your decision, negotiating a fair child-support and custody agreement, dealing with discrimination and anxiety at work, planning a secure financial future for two, and establishing a support network - including community groups, health professionals, and child-care services - that will nurture both you and your child. Practical advice from experts in nutrition, finance, and family law, as well as testimony from more than a hundred women who've been there, makes this a uniquely usable and reassuring volume that no single mother can do without.

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