Violets Blooming in a Late Spring Snow:
A Birthmother Reflects on Adoption

Jacqueline Ramthun


This true life story about a young woman who faced a life-giving decision (all alone) has made a great impact upon many readers. I know, because I have given several copies of "Violets" to friends. Beautifully written, Jacqueline Ramthun allows the reader into her very soul. Her recall of simple, yet difficult memories are woven throughout her story. Readers will share along with the author, the feelings this young woman felt along her decision-making path. I would describe this book as inspirational and hope giving for a world filled with so much tradegy and despair. The author's choice at a time so filled with remorse and sorrow is rewarded with love and new lives, she could not imagine. I highly recommend this book for both young men and women, parents and grandparents. It will leave you feeling better about the gift of life.
Don Rada


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