Vita's Will : Real Life Lessons About Life, Death & Moving On

by Debbie Gisonni

Book Description:
High tech exec finds humility, humor, and heart when four family members die in four years.
At age 23 Debbie Gisonni had everything. She was on her way to becoming one of the youngest top paid executives in Silicon Valley; had found true love; and could make a mean cannoli!

Then in 1984 Vita, Debbie's mother, got a brain tumor and became permanently disabled. A few years later, her younger sister suddenly killed herself. Three months after that, her father was diagnosed with bone cancer. And then her favorite aunt got breast cancer.

Vita's Will chronicles Debbie's riveting experiences. One day she was riding an adrenaline rush on the fast track, and the next she left it all behind to stop and smell the red sauce.

Tuesday's With Morrie meets Chicken Soup for the Soul(r) as Debbie brings humor and sorrow into the horrors of hospitals, the lost dreams of her parents, and the shock of her sister's suicide.

Through these four deaths, Debbie learns to squeeze the sweetest wine from a bunch of sour grapes without wallowing in self-pity. Her advice works for any traumatic situation. You'll be moved to tears and laughter by her 44 inspirational real-life lessons and her nightly chats with God. I give it four hankies and a biscotti!

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