Walking Through Time
Lauren Walden Rabb


Two women born a century apart, whose lives are intertwined. A young widow named Eleanor Strayer is finding it hard to get over the death of her husband and get on with her life, when she discovers a packet of letters from a woman who lived 100 years ago. The letters are from Gertrude Picknell, the young wife of the artist William Lamb Picknell. It soon becomes clear that it may not be coincidence that Eleanor has found these letters -- Gertrude's life clearly echoes Eleanor's own. When the letters abruptly end before the close of Gertrude's story, Eleanor embarks on a quest to find out what happened to the woman. In discovering Gertrude, Eleanor discovers herself, and learns that sometimes we get a second chance to correct mistakes we made in the past.
The author, Lauren Walden Rabb


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