When Alzheimer's Hits Home
Jo Danna


Coming on the heels of the announcement that former president Reagan suffers from Alzheimer's, Danna's book is quite timely. It is in two parts. The first tells the story of Danna's mother's gradual descent into the disease's grip. Until recently the subject of callous jokes, Alzheimer's becomes much more frightening upon close examination, and Danna's starkly realistic presentation of caring for an Alzheimer's sufferer brings home the helplessness that a caregiver is certain to feel. Danna dealt with her mother's deteriorating condition with strength and as much good humor as she could muster, but eventually she had her placed in a nursing home. The book's second half provides an excellent rundown of information about Alzheimer's; medical, personal, and legal advice for caregivers; and sources of more information and assistance.
Mike Tribby


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