When Bad Things Happen To Good People
Harold S. Kushner


As a small town rabbi, the author had counseled other people through pain and grief. But not until he learned that his three-year-old Aaron would died in his early teens of a rare disease did he confront one of the most important and terrifying questions a person will ever confront: Why do bad things happen to innocent people?

The author says...."I wanted to write a book that could be given to the person who has been hurt by life - by death, illness or injury, rejection or disappointment - and who knows in his heart that if there is justice in the world, he deserves better. What can God mean to such a person? Where can he turn for strength and hope? If you are such a person, if you want to believe in God's goodness and fairness but find it hard because of the things that have happened to you and to people you care about, and if this book helps you do that, then I will have succeeded in distilling some blessing out of Aaron's pain and tears."


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