Who Will Sing to Me Now?
Bonnie Hunt Conrad


When nineteen-year-old Laurie Conrad of Baltimore was shot to death in Fredericksburg, Virginia in September of 1983, the police and the medical examiner attempted to convince Laurie's family that she had committed suicide. But for those who knew Laurie, the facts just didn't add up. Despite suffering terrible grief, Laurie's mother Bonnie Hunt Conrad began a personal investigation of her daughter's shooting. She eventually uncovered evidence that was kept secret by the police for eleven years--evidence which, for family and friends, shed dramatic new light on Laurie's mysterious death. For those closest to Laurie, the mystery remains unsolved--they are searching for her killer.

Who Will Sing to Me Now? is an investigation of the mystery surrounding Laurie Conrad's death. But it is also a story about mourning the loss of a loved one. Bonnie Hunt Conrad reveals her most private feelings of grief, especially those that caused her shame and made her feel, at times, insane. Bonnie hopes her pull-no punches story will help other bereaved individuals find the courage to travel the road to recovery by experiencing their grief in their own unique way. In this powerful and riveting story, you will experience a police investigation from the inside, and come to know an average family thrust into one of life's most devastating situations. Along the way you will travel through, and come to understand, the twisted hell of child-death grief.


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