When Your Parents Split Up:
How to Keep Yourself Together

Alys Swan-Jackson


Reading Level: Teenagers

It's hard enough just being a teenager-but if your parents are getting a divorce, you're probably facing one of the toughest curves life can throw you. What will you tell your friends? Will you have to move? How can you keep up at school when your world is upside down? Can you ever learn to love your new stepparents and siblings? This upbeat, upfront guide by two divorce mediation and youth psychology experts answers these questions and more with professional advice for coping with change, questionnaires and activities to help you own up to your emotions, listings for 1-800 hotlines and reading references, plus real-life interviews with real-life teens to help you keep yourself together, even if your family is coming apart. Lynn Rosenfield and Joan Shapiro are both specialists in divorce mediation and youth psychology with over 30 years of experience between them.


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