What's Wrong With Grandma?:
A Family's Experience With Alzheimer's

Margaret Shawver, Jeffrey K. Bagby (Illustrator)


Reading Level: 9 - 12 years

"Mom, what really is wrong with Grandma, anyway?" asks Ellen as she contemplates the changes she has witnessed over the past several months. Her once independent grand-mother now forgets to turn off the stove, cannot find her way home from the beauty parlor or around the block, and cannot even dress herself correctly. The litany of symptoms, from the merely annoying to the terrifying, describes, of course, the insidiousness of Alzheimer's disease. Shawver does a good job of cataloging the myriad emotions that overwhelm children as they watch a favorite relative sink deeper and deeper into that dark abyss--guilt, anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, hope. Even humor is salvaged as Ellen declares, "It's never dull around our house because we aren't ever quite sure what Grandma is going to do next!" A sadly necessary, accurate child's perspective of a debilitating disease.
Frances Bradburn


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