Widower: When Men Are Left Alone
(Death, Value, and Meaning Series)

Phyllis R. Silverman, Scott D. Campbell


Campbell and Silverman delve into the psyches of men who have had to experience the death of a spouse. Men, the book makes clear, mourn differently than women. They are less expressive, often very reticent, and this submerging of emotions can be harmful, physically as well as psychologically. The oral histories of 20 men who have lost their wives are not presented here as a curative but to show how these men have successfully dealt with the shock and devastation of suddenly being without the person they loved. Their emotions range from rage and despair, to a hollow sense of having no purpose, to incredulity over the inappropriate condolences offered by friends and family. An insightful commentary is provided by Silverman, a practicing psychologist after each history. This book is written to help the widower but equally useful for anyone with a friend or relative dealing with such a terrible loss.


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