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Widowed Too Soon:A Young Widow's Journey Through Grief, Healing, and
Spiritual Transformation

Laura Hirsch

During the early stages of my grief, I searched everywhere for a book written by another young widow. I wanted to know that someone else had walked the dark path of grief, and had made it out of this hell I was experiencing. I wanted to know if anyone else had ever felt the inner mental and emotional turmoil that totally consumed my existence. I needed to know for certain that my husband still existed in spirit somewhere. If he was no longer here, where was he? I felt I must have this unrelenting question answered. Surely, some woman had gone through this before me and had written about her experiences.

The only books I found about widowhood were written by and for older widows. I found that they were filled with practical information which didn’t relate to my situation. It definitely appeared that the younger widows were completely overlooked. After years of searching for answers and after many life-altering experiences along with some gentle nudging from the other side, I decided to write the book I never found. I finished the draft for the book in February of 2000. 

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