Your Loved One Lives on Within You: A Beautiful and Inspiring Approach to Handling Unresolved Grief
Alexandra Kennedy


An innovative guide shows mourners how to tap their imagination in order to create a new, inner relationship with a lost one and use it to seek healing, resolution, and guidance from the deceased. The death of a loved one is often accompanied by old resentments, regrets, and unexpressed love that can hinder your emotional growth, creating wounds that affect all your other relationships. Your Loved One Lives On Within You will show you how your untapped imagination can lead to a new beginning with the person you considered lost to you forever. By re-creating an inner relationship with the person who has died, you can experience powerful opportunities for healing, resolution, and even guidance. Keeping your loved one alive in your heart - and in your mind - will enable you to make peace with the past and move freely into the future.

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