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Summer Song"

The gentlest breeze of morning
Hums her soft refrain
Sheer curtains dance and frolic
Around my window pane.

Ocean waves, they billow out
An even louder tune....
Of times gone by and moments past
In our sweet summer's June.

Carefree days of laughter
And our life here by the shore
Come rushing back like wind and wave,
Although, exists no more.

Sounds of seagulls flapping wings,
Lifting their prey from the sea,
Sing echoes of fate and innocence
Since Death took you from me.

But, ah, such comfort fills my soul
Each time I dream of you...
As if you're standing next to me
And none of this were true.

The wind chimes tingle in my ear
Joining, as if on cue...
Flooding my heart with the music of love...
Love orchestrated by you.

The tears I cry are sooner dried
In summer, sweet and long,
When memories gathered close to heart
Replay our summer song.

~~ Sylvia Leigh

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