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The backgrounds and images used in these web pages were created for use by GriefNet subscribers and visitors creating pages that reside on GriefNet's server. Please contact

GriefNetfor information on use elsewhere.
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Create a virtual memorial

Creating a Memorial is easy.
Just follow the instructions at each step along the way.
There is no limit to the number of memorials that you may create.

Memorials are stored for one year. That time can be extended by writing to GriefNet for information close to the end of the year.

After you have completed the memorial, you will be shown a preview. If you do not like the way it looks, you may edit it and then approve it, or just cancel the request.

Please note that occasionally a memorial will appear okay on your screen, but will not have made it to our server correctly. If you write a lot of text for the memorial, please save a copy of what you wrote, to guard against accidental and inadvertent loss of the data.

GriefNet does not guarantee the accessibility of information that is sent to us until we have posted that data to the index. GriefNet reserves the right to delete any memorials that violate our policies to provide safe and child-appropriate material and to create a loving atmosphere in which to heal. Using this form gives GriefNet the right to alter or edit any memorial you place on our server for content.

Please Complete the Following Information
You must include your email address. Your email address will be used to contact you to let you know the memorial's URL. If you don't include your full email address, you will not receive an email from us.

Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:

Now select your Memorial background:
Choose One from the images or solid backgrounds. If you do not select a background image or color, the background will be white.

Background Images







Choose your background color

Now, please choose a font color, if you do not choose a color the text will be your browser's default color:

Black White Deep Blue Purple
Blue Green Pink Lavender


In the boxes below, please enter the name of your loved one and a message. Do not use work that has been copyrighted by another person unless you have written permission in advance.

to separate lines deliberately, use

to create separations between paragraphs. If you do not use

, then the lines will follow each other as in a paragraph. If you know html, you may link to images and graphics stored on your own server.

Style hint: Try to use all capital letters only on titles and for words you want to emphasize. This makes for easier reading.

Formatting note: The text is automatically centered on the memorial. To uncenter your text or signature, begin your text with and end your text with

Name of loved one
Your Text, as poetry, a letter, etc.
You may use html in this section.
Please save a copy of what you write here in case there are any problems!
Thank you.

Please sign your page, including your name if you wish, four rows maximum.

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