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Memorials for 1998, third quarter

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Pollyanna Dorough Reena Varghese Sarah Zepernick
Lora Mae Davolt Rose Susan Roberta Black Jeffrey T. Blenker, Jr.
Shelby Nicole Minyard Catherine "Cathy" Williams Rector
and Carroll Sanford Rector, Jr
Jeffrey Gillem
Brian H. Baker Doris Russell Joan Dougherty
James J. Slocum Margaret V. "Marge" Piccari Stephen F. Kennedy
Kimberly Carpenter Raymond H. Young Mona R. Durfee
Marjorie Smallwood Marcello Dinsmore Jill Peay
June Denk H. J. Norman Tangen Herbert E. McMullen
Joan Marie White Richard Lee Deville Tyler Nichols
Craig Kemppainen Christopher Michael Hodge Jim Gordon
Dallas James Rouillard Austin Robert Rouillard Jeremy Wayne Sykes
Caroline Eleanor Peterson Dawn Jasmine Batterman Marcello Ramos Dinsmore
James Patrick Henderson, Sr. James Patrick Henderson, Jr. Tammy Lee Henderson-Hale
Timothy Ray Ainsworth Ryan Lee Conroy Stephen Steward
Wayne R. Rogers Bruce E. Stahl Chad Fields
Christa Kraft Michael David Hynes Devon Allen Reed
Gerald N. Pencer Michael Aaron Murr Vincent Edward Mitchell
Tony Ray Bryant Cdr. Robert D. Dyer, US Navy (Ret.) Nathan Jackson
Mike Haas Lamar (Rockie) Marrs Kathleen Robinson Jaramillo
Kenneth James "KJ" McMullen Katy Aukamp Jinfrey G. Hulett, Jr.
James R. Jones Chaudrick R. Jones Bacall Bua
Alex Maxon Theresa Robbins, David Robbins, and Michael Robbins Wesley S. Staples
Shelby Ron Corporon Nikolas Patenaude
Megha Premkumar Matthew Cobb Kevin Pinette
Patricia Comber Katherine Comber Jason Willard
Andrew "Bubby" Soape Arthur Wayne Rose Christina Lynn Haskins
Dorothy Quick Joseph Cavalari Jason Gurganus

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