In Loving Memory of
Andrew "Bubby" Soape
February 18, 1944 - May 14, 1996


My daddy died May 14, 1996.  He had been suffering with heart disease for six years.  He was a young 52 years old.  May 14 was on a Tuesday, the Tuesday after Mother's Day and the Tuesday before my college graduation.  I was not very close to my daddy when I was a child due to circumstances.  But, when I was 12 years old, something happened that suddenly erased everything else from both of our minds.  We grew tremendously close.  

I am very happy to be able to say that the Christmas before he died the two of us sat down and cried together, talked about the past, and that moment is  forever embedded in my mind as one of the happiest moments in my life.  I know that daddy is very proud of me and my accomplishments.  Although he was not here in person for my graduation, I could feel him there with me that day.  He may not have seen me physically walk across the stage to receive my diploma, but I had finished student teaching the Friday before he died; he knew then I was finished.  I sometimes think, after all he went through, that he waited to see me finish.  I have a dedication to him on my homepage, but would love to have another on your page.  I came across your page from doing research.

After graduating with my B.A. in May of 96, I went on that fall to  work on my Master's Degree in Education.  I will finish it in May of 99. During that time, I also began to teach school.  My concentration is in School Counseling and I am currently doing research for a paper that I am writing.  I have concentrated much of my research during grad school on Grief, primarily in children.  I found your site from a search done with Yahoo and I must say I've enjoyed my visit to this site.  Thank you for the information you have made available to me and any other visitor.

Kim Soape

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