In Loving Memory of
Brian H. Baker
Passed Away May 4, 1997

A year has passed since God requested your presence.  I am at peace now, but it has been a difficult road.  It was so sudden, and unexpected that your newly diagnosed disease would consume you so quickly.

The cancer had spread from your lung to your brain, and you never ever knew you were sick.  Before we could even take you home to care for you, you were gone.  Your absence is an emptiness I cannot describe.

I wish I could have told you everything I feel in my heart.  You were my Father in every way, from the time I was 7 years old.  You loved me and Lance as if we were your own.  You loved our Mother with endless and unconditional passion.  You gave us a wonderful childhood full of laughter and loving memories.  You were there for all the growing pains, and supported us in all our endeavors.  We had a special bond because we were alot alike.  I miss the long conversations and your witty sense of humor.  I miss telling you your clothes don't match, or your hair needs combing! I miss asking for your advice, and watching movies together.

You would be proud of me Dad...I am following my dreams, and it is because I know you are there with me, every step of the way, looking down on me and guiding me. I feel your presence always, and it gives me strength and ambition.  The kids miss you too...You were their "Papa".

Mom is getting better...She was really depressed for a long time, but she has begun to heal. I could go on forever Dad, but I know you know how we are, because you are with us every heart, in spirit, and in mind.  We love and miss you dearly.

See you soon.

Your daughter, Crystal

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