In Loving Memory of
Chad Allen Dannhaeuser
March 4, 1976 to April 3, 1998

Dear Baby Brother,

How can I thank you for sharing your life with me? You opened my heart to the true meaning of unconditional love! From the day you came into this world, I have never felt more proud or blessed. I wanted you by my side every second of every day. I wanted to teach you everything I had learned along the way.
Somehow, someway, I thought I could protect you from the disappointments and unjust that the world hurls our way. Regardless, if we are ready or capable of handling such PAIN.
Thanks for always returning the love and enduring all the many lectures with a smile on your face. IF only you REALLY did know? Thanks for putting the "BIG" in big sister!
Sometimes, we find ourselves lost and uncertain which path is meant for us. But it was a glorious journey and I thank you for letting me come along. I know now, you will be led to that peaceful place, WE can only dream of. I know now you will experience the connection that you so deeply deserve. You take with you the SWEETEST SOUL I have ever known. AND with you always will be a piece of ME!

All My Love,

Your "BIG" Sister

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