In Loving Memory of
Carole D. Gilmore
Passed Away October 14, 1998

My Thoughts...July 7th, 1998


At  this time how do I say I love you? How do I know if I've said it enough throughout the years? How many ways can I say I love you? How do I  make you know  to the the deepest depths of your heart what you mean to me?

As you prepare for your ultimate journey to the unknown, I need you to know that I will always fiercely love you. I will stand by you in your times of happiness, sadness, and pain. When you leave me, I will feel a great loss, and extreme pain. I will  forever cry for the loss of my friend, but I promise you I will find comfort in the memories and teachings you have left me.

When I look in the mirrior, I will see you there. When I look at my children, I will see you there. When I play with my Grandson, there will not be two souls, but will be there too.

You are our blood. Your spirit runs through each of us. The way you look and the way you is all part of who we are and who I am. You are the life giver, the soul shaper of your children, the Grandmother, our rock. Mom, many, many, times you've given me strength and I would somehow like to return that.

Sometimes I don't know how to comfort you in this horrible time. Yet I do know how much a part of the whole you are, and will be for eternity. You have, and alway's will be here. My arms will be empty without you, but my soul will, and does, overflow with your spirit. You are, and always will be, a treasure and I love you so very much.

We love you mother.

Thank You For Being My Mom...

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